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Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the rights of expectant mothers and their pre-born children to use carpool lanes and other HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) lanes on highways. Use of these lanes requires usually two or more passengers per vehicle, and we believe that parents should be able to count all  of their children, both born and unborn.

Earlier in 2006 Candace Dickinson of Phoenix, Arizona, challenged local traffic laws by asserting her right to count her child as a passenger while driving through a carpool lane. She was cited by a Phoenix Police officer, and then took her case to court, where she argued that the definition of person in the traffic laws was broad enough to include an unborn child. The judge rejected her claim, but we salute her resolve in challenging this vague and unfair traffic law.

In his ruling, this judge claimed that the rule of two or more persons per vehicle did not apply to a pregnant woman. He said that an unborn child could not count as a passenger in a vehicle for the reason of “common sense”. His interpretation of the law utterly defies “common sense”. An unborn baby is certainly a “passenger” in his mother’s womb, so the child should be considered a passenger in any vehicle she is driving.

We invite all pregnant mothers, as an act of protest and nonviolent civil disobedience, to take to the carpool lanes and claim their right to drive, and their unborn children’s right to ride.

Through acts of civil disobedience, outreach, and petitioning legislators, we hope to educate the public and law enforcement officers about this issue, and redefine traffic laws across the nation so that the commuters (and voters) of tomorrow are counted as passengers today.